Meet Our Directors

Sarfraz Ahmed Minhas
Director - Sales & Marketing

Sarfraz Ahmed Minhas

Sarfraz, an MBA in marketing, management and finance, is heading the sales and marketing division of Jaseena International. With his academics background in International Business and 17 years of experience in B2B and B2C sales and operations, gives him an in-depth understanding of the industry. It is a known phenomenon that managers or decision-makers do not appreciate the idea of being sold theoretical or mass usage concepts. Hence offering niche solutions achieved through tried and tested practices, empowered Jaseena to build long-term credibility. Sarfraz being a strong pillar of the organization, understood this early and incorporated it into his approach to building long-term association.


While he started his career as a software engineer with his pleasing personality and strong perseverance, he has made himself an all-rounder to lead from the helm right from technological innovations to business development.

Director - Operations

Aamer Shahzad

Having been raised in Dubai, Amer was inspired by the city’s growth due to which he always had the eagerness to adapt to change and learn new skills constantly engaging people with his charismatic delivery. He was inclined towards increasing hands-on experience as a result, he started doing various jobs at a young age. Amer officially joined Jaseena after completing his bachelor’s degree and climbed up the hierarchy quickly. He believes in impacting the lives of households by offering unique products while maintaining a solid stance towards sustainability. His risk-taking abilities have given Jaseena a competitive advantage.
Meet Our Advisory Board Members

Success is best when its shared. The directors and partners work together with us to make the dream work.



After experiencing two decades of success in the corporate world, Rudra was drawn into a new world with an aspiration to make a difference by elevating consciousness in leaders and influencers so that they act with “true” potential and power being their best versions while creating meaningful connections. Thus they not only address their personal mission but also a mission which truly opens the door of prosperity at all levels leading towards a world that is happier, ecologically sustainable and socially conscious. In the process they change their own story and for people now & for generations to come.
Etienne Van Den Peereboom, Advisor, works closely with the Management and Operational teams of Jaseena on matters related to finance, accounting, operations and growth.


Etienne holds an MBA and Engineering degree, accumulated 17 years of Business and Management Consulting experience for diverse industries with Deloitte and Arthur D. Little in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, as well as 10 years of experience investing in and supporting high potential start-ups and SMEs scale up.