Committed to empower people with effective solutions of wellbeing for a sustainable world


We at Jaseena are committed to the 5 powerful pillars of our mission statement acting with a growth mindset, pro-active and consistent actions

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We at Jaseena are responsible through our purpose to empower the organization, the market and daily lives of our customers by being empathetic, using technology and evolving with continuous change, developing deep trust and sharing knowledge.

Effective Solutions

We strive to provide our customers with value added solutions that are price effective, with solutions that simplify lives through technology and help make choices simpler.

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We address well-being in 5 different ways:

  • Emotional Well-Being: Responsible to address and reduce customers stress which makes them feel happy.
  • Physical Well-Being: We have products and services that genuinely helps to improve health and promote hygiene.
  • Social Well-Being: Interact with customers addressing and support them in a way that makes them feel satisfied.
  • Workplace Well-Being. Enrich our customers experience by being happy, healthy, purposeful and honoring our values.
  • Societal Well-Being. Participate in various ways and activities either with customers or independently to build a sustainable and responsible world.


Jaseena though believes in overall sustainability but is mainly committed to address in 3 main pillars.

Environmental sustainability: Jaseena aims to demonstrate genuine care for the nature in all its activities and solutions to clients.

  • We provide cosmetic products that have not been tested on Animals.
  • Our consumption of paper has dropped by 25%, we aim to drop the use of single use plastic by 50% in the foreseeable future.
  • We aim to drop carbon footprint by using effecting logistic channels.

Social Sustainability

  • Quality education – Provide quality education to people who do not have access to it in rural areas.
  • Clean water and sanitation – Provide clean water and sanitation to rural areas.
  • Creating opportunities without discrimination – Create job opportunities for the talented, deserving or needy without any discrimination.

Economical Sustainability

  • Provide clients Less operational costs due to Environmental concerned changes.
  • Focus on sustainable profits. Look at building relationships and profits for a long period of time.
  • Operate and expand into different countries and continents to support local economies.
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