Different yet closely integrated with global trade compliance is the business of executing the order to cash process. How businesses are set up to manage the customer order or purchase order through ultimate cash collection processes matter. Organizations who are plagued by extensive delays often find that improving organizational alignment and employee training significantly improves a company’s compliance health and supply chain speed to market. We looks at your current organization and how functions align to improve work processes and reduce compliance and delivery risk of loss.

We looks at your global planning, sourcing, manufacturing and delivery model to understand opportunities to improve your overall delivery capability. From global to regional to country specific business models, we take the current state of your organization’s ability to “deliver” and develop solutions to improve your current footprint by mapping your existing product flows from your team’s perspectives and developing alternative solutions to improve. Knowing how to approach the global market and the potential suppliers to include in your assessments matters to you and your ability to sustain high delivery performance.